You Can Smoke Pot in NYC as Long as You Live in a White Neighborhood

This week, the Drug Policy Alliance published a report on the demographics and geography of pot possession arrests in de Blasio's New York, of which BuzzFeed has a detailed analysis. The results: Smoking weed is pretty much OK if you live in Bensonhurst, but not if you live in Bed Stuy. » 10/23/14 6:00pm Thursday 6:00pm

Why Is a Conservative Group Running These Ridiculous Pro-Weed Hulu Ads?

If you live in North Carolina and you watch a lot of online TV, you might have seen the ads. "More weed, less war," exclaims a twentysomething dudebro in one of them, waving a pot leaf-emblazoned poster. "Vote Sean Haugh...Ohhhh Yeah." But Haugh, a Libertarian Senate candidate, has nothing to do with them. » 10/23/14 4:30pm Thursday 4:30pm

Obama's Cool New Civil Rights Chief Isn't Going to Legalize Drugs

It's well known that Vanita Gupta, whom Eric Holder recently named as acting head of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, supports pot decriminalization. However, as conservative blogger Cully Stinson points out, she'd actually like to see all drugs decriminalized. Stinson would have you believe that's a… » 10/22/14 2:05pm Wednesday 2:05pm

Help Fund the Internet's Best Drugs Database

Several times a week, someone logs onto Erowid and writes about getting high. They've just eaten some weed and experienced "extreme amplified worry," for instance, or downed an insane cocktail of hallucinogens and discovered that god loves fractals. It's probably the most comprehensive database of drug experiences out… » 9/29/14 4:51pm 9/29/14 4:51pm

Seattle Prosecutor Drops All Pot Tickets in Response to Weed-Hating Cop

Pete Holmes, Seattle's city attorney, announced yesterday that his office would dismiss all public use of marijuana tickets issued through July of this year, the Associated Press reports. Nearly all of those tickets were issued by a single, weed-hating cop. » 9/23/14 10:10am 9/23/14 10:10am

"Fuck It, I Quit" Reporter Explains Her Dramatic On-Air Exit

It looks like KTVA reporter Charlo Greene's on-air announcement that she'd be leaving her job was just the first part of a pro-weed media campaign. Greene, who revealed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club in the same segment, released her own video yesterday, explaining her motivation. » 9/23/14 9:39am 9/23/14 9:39am

"Fuck It, I Quit": Cannabis Club-Owning Reporter Quits On Air

If you're going to leave your TV gig for a life toiling at marijuana legalization, do it with some panache. At the end of a segment on a cannabis club last night, Alaskan news reporter Charlo Greene revealed herself as the club's owner and availed herself of any journalistic conflict of interest with four words: "Fuck… » 9/22/14 9:40am 9/22/14 9:40am