Ebola.com, once the hottest property of the web's greatest disease-domain merchant, just sold for about $200,000. The buyer: a Russian company called Weed Growth Fund.

Weed Growth Fund bought the domain from the firm Blue String Ventures for $50,000 cash and 19,192 shares it holds of another weed company called Cannabis Sativa, Inc, valued at $164,ooo. It's unclear what Weed Growth Fund has planned for the URL, but a bizarre connection to former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson might offer a clue.

Johnson is the CEO of Cannabis Sativa, and as the Verge notes, this week, he said his company believes it has "efficacy with regard to treating Ebola."

Johnson made it clear that he doesn't believe toking up actually cures Ebola, and again, the Russian company, not Cannabis Sativa, bought the domain. But even if getting really high isn't the answer to the epidemic that suddenly matters now that it's in America, it might at least help us calm the fuck down about it.