As much as everyone would love to see a bunch of stoned little kids running around dressed like baby Groot, or whatever, it's probably a good thing that Colorado police are trying to make sure trick-or-treaters don't accidentally eat any weed candy this year.

The video above, from the Denver Police Department, intends to show parents how to identify an edible. The trouble, though, is that pot-infused candy is often visually indistinguishable from its non-paralysis-inducing counterpart—sometimes it's literally just ordinary candy that's been sprayed with cannabis oil—and if you munch on it as you would any other sweets, ignorant of its dark power, you might end up alone and afraid, taking shelter under your bedspread, begging for it to end.

Reuters notes that there's already a Colorado law in place that will require all pot edibles to carry a standardized mark that clearly identifies them as such, but that law doesn't take effect until 2016. Until then, parents can do what they've always done, since generations before the specter of legalized special brownies: check your child's Halloween haul, and if there's anything in there you don't recognize, or that's not in its original packaging, throw it out.

Of course, if the kids are in high school, they're probably just gonna get high anyway. Happy halloween!