Hey, man, there's poop in your weed.

Jessica Tonani, proprietor of pot-tech company Verda Bio, regularly analyzes samples of medical marijuana bought in Washington, with hopes of building "a database bringing order to billions of potential DNA combinations and, eventually, [creating] stable strains," Businessweek reports. Weed—even within a single strain—varies widely from plant to plant and dispensary to dispensary, meaning if you think you're getting one thing—a low-THC, high cannabidiol strain like Charlotte's web, say—you may be getting something else entirely.

She also tests for bacteria. What does she find? Butt stuff, sometimes. Vagina stuff, too:

Tonani is also looking at contaminants to determine where they're introduced and how to control for them. The first two samples turned up a long list of nastiness bacteria, including the fecal bacteria enterobacter asburiae and the vaginal bacteria gardnerella vaginalis. What this means, politely, is that many people handling pot don't wash their hands.

This isn't the first time anybody's found poop on your weed, either. Last year, a federally funded study conducted at the University of New Haven found feces, pesticides, mold, dead bugs, and E. coli on samples of cannabis.

What's the takeaway? Weed is great, but like any other drug, it needs good regulation. Especially if it's intended for medical use. Heather Miller Coyle, who carried out the New Haven butt-weed study, told ABC last year:

The food industry has had it for a long time for salmonella outbreaks on eggs and lettuce. If states are going to allow [marijuana], they should have controlled facilities and monitor those facilities and report to the federal government so there is some measure of safety.

[Headline by Lacey Donohue, image via AP]