It looks like KTVA reporter Charlo Greene's on-air announcement that she'd be leaving her job was just the first part of a pro-weed media campaign. Greene, who revealed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club in the same segment, released her own video yesterday, explaining her motivation.

Greene's real, off-screen name is Charlene Egby, it turns out. She hasn't lost her TV reporter's knack for the dramatic monologue, and in the video, she uses it in the service of advocating for pot legalization, which hits Alaska ballots in November.

"Talk to a friend, a mother, a coworker, brother—anyone—just share your own 'my marijuana' story," she says after rattling off statistics about prohibition. "Show them that we smokers are responsible, contributing members to society. Changing one heart and mind at a time is the only way to legalize marijuana and bask in Lady Liberty's glory."