A month after Florida legalized a low-THC strain of cannabis for medical use, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry is hoping Congress will vote to do the same on a federal level.

The Charlotte's Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014, which Perry (next to John Boehner above) introduced as an amendment to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act on Monday, would legalize medical use of cannabis with less than .3 percent THC across the country. The legislation is named after Charlotte's Web, a popular strain of low-THC bud that's used to treat seizures without getting the patient high.

Said Perry of the bill:

We live in America, and if there's something that would make my child better, and they can't get it because of the government, that's not right.

Of course, the state of Congress in 2014 isn't exactly amenable to passing potentially controversial legislation, so it's likely that this one will languish for a while. Even in Florida, where the stuff is technically legal, it will be difficult if not impossible to get for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, you could always move to Colorado.

[Image via AP]