Seattle's Newest Club Is a Party Bus but, You Know, for Weed

Andrew Tarantola · 08/22/14 06:15AM

Just as with open alcohol containers, driving through Seattle with smoking pipe in hand is quite illegal. However one crafty club has found a loophole in the law and is leveraging it to run a pair of mobile hotboxes—really just converted short buses—to shuttle canna-tourists between area smoke shops and Seattle's iconic sights.

Oregon Voters Will Decide on Pot Legalization This November

Andy Cush · 07/23/14 10:07AM

A ballot initiative that would make recreational cannabis use lawful in Oregon has earned enough signatures to secure a place on the state's November ballot, meaning voters will soon decide whether to make Oregon the country's third state with legalized weed.

Scientists Discover Pot Makes You Paranoid

Andy Cush · 07/16/14 01:29PM

In a groundbreaking study, Oxford University researchers found that pot can on occasion make you paranoid, in affirmation of the experiences of everyone who has ever smoked, talked to someone who smokes, or watched a movie about smoking.