Deb Greene waited in line for hours to become Seattle's first legal recreational weed customer, buying OG Kush from Cannabis City when it opened July 8. Unlike her counterpart in Spokane, she didn't immediately go home and get totally ripped, but saved the bud for posterity.

The Associated Press reports that Greene plans to donate the weed to Seattle's Museum of History and Industry to be preserved in the annals of history. Cannabis City will also donate some materials from its first day.

"I voted for it, and I'm just so excited to see it come to be in my lifetime," the rad old lady said the day she bought her pot. "I'm not a heavy user; I'm just proud of our state for giving this a try."

Cannabis City, Seattle's only recreational weed shop, is currently closed due to supply shortages affecting the whole state. Manager Amber McGowan says the store will reopen July 25, "with continuous supplies from then on."

[Image via AP]