Just as with open alcohol containers, driving through Seattle with smoking pipe in hand is quite illegal. However one crafty club has found a loophole in the law and is leveraging it to run a pair of mobile hotboxes—really just converted short buses—to shuttle canna-tourists between area smoke shops and Seattle's iconic sights.

For $25 an hour, visitors over the age of 21 can board one of the aptly named Weed Bus Club's two converted short buses and ride for as long as they choose. The club is able to provide this service largely because of a legal loophole in Washington's I-502 legislation: while it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with weed in the cabin, turns out, it is perfectly legal to light up in the back of a limo so long as a divider separates the driver from the smoke. So by simply segregating the driver's compartment from the rear of the vehicle, the Weed Bus is, at least on paper, street legal.

The Weed Bus' most attractive feature, according to the club's owner, William Prigmore, is the service's flexibility. "You can hop on the Weed Bus by yourself," Prigmore told Capitol Hill Seattle, "a lot of different people are always on the bus. I think that's why people like it a lot, it's not like you have to rent a party bus out." Because nothing calms the paranoia quite like getting high on a bus full of strangers. [Capitol Hill Seattle]