Have pity on Grant O'Connor, a 25-year-old Tennessean who was arrested for pot possession after butt-dialing the cops while allegedly talking about picking some up from his dealer.

O'Connor reportedly made the accidental confession while eating dinner with a friend at Don Pepe's, a Mexican restaurant. From WKRN:

By the time officers arrived, O'Connor and the woman were pulling out of the restaurant parking lot. Police noticed her car had a tag light out and stopped the vehicle.

They found a small bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia underneath the passenger seat where O'Connor was sitting.

O'Connor was charged with simple drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, WKRN reports. The friend, who told police she didn't know about the weed, was not arrested.

According to police, O'Connor didn't realize he'd made the call until the arresting officers told him. Poor guy never even saw it coming.

[Image via WKRN, h/t Fark]