Imagine, if you will, a libertarian William Shatner whose musical tastes skew more Blunted on Reality than Bringing It All Back Home, and you've got something like Mike Dunafon, an independent candidate for governor in Colorado.

Today, Dunafon dropped "The Trap," his Wyclef Jean-featuring official campaign song, and it is a doozy. Dunafon and Wyclef slow-rap stuff about weed, political cronyism, and gay marriage over mellow acoustic guitar, and the video, true to Shatnerian form, takes a cue from "Subterranean Homesick Blues," with Coloradans holding up posterboard emblazoned with political slogans. Sample lyric: "Individual rights is where it's at/Collective thinking is a cancer/And with liberty, our guide/We can find the answer."

The message, according to the Dunafon campaign:

Jean and Dunafon's message is that if you're sick of party politics, and you want to get the money out, an independent governor is the best choice for Colorado, because he is not taking money from vested interests, and is willing to talk about the most divisive issues: local control over fracking, the release of non-violent cannabis prisoners, and investing to create a world-class cannabis and hemp industry in Colorado.

Dunafon is no stranger to internet gimmickry: He also runs a video series called "Most Interesting Politician" that mimics the popular Dos Equis campaign. "I don't always get encouraged by people, but when I do, it's when they stand for liberty."

[h/t The Cannabist]