Mike Beebe, the Democratic governor of Arkansas, announced this week he will grant 25 executive pardons for drug offenders in the state, including—how sweet is this—Kyle Beebe, his 34-year-old son, who was hit with felony weed charges in 2003. Awwwww, thanks dad!

Kyle Beebe was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, a charge for which he paid a fine and served three years probation, CNN reports. The state's parole board recommended the pardon in October after Beebe wrote a nice letter to his pops, which read in part:

"Mr. Governor, I am asking for a second chance at life. I am asking for a second chance to be the man that I know that I can be," Beebe said.

"At the time of my arrest I was living in a fantasy world, not reality. I was young and dumb. At that time in my life I felt like I was missing something and I tried to fill that emptiness by selling drugs."

"I would have done it a long time ago if he'd have asked, but he took his sweet time about asking. He was embarrassed. He's still embarrassed, and frankly, I was embarrassed and his mother was embarrassed," the elder Beebe told local news outlet KATV. "All of the families that go through that, it's tough on the families, but hopefully the kids learn."

Thanks to the pardon, Kyle Beebe—a nonviolent offender who I'm sure really has grown up—will be able to live a normal life, maybe get a better job, unencumbered by the stigma of a felony charge on his back. Imagine how nice it would be if everyone had a governor for a dad.

[h/t Daily Intel]

[Image via AP]