The above video, taken from a police cruiser dash cam, shows a white SUV speeding along an Arizona highway as its occupants toss no less than 17 bricks of weed from the windows. After cops caught and arrested the two men inside, they went back to recover the pot, but a few bricks were conspicuously missing. Cha-ching!

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office, which posted the video to Facebook on March 7, wrote in a statement that it ultimately seized 374 pounds of pot from a stash house connected with the chase. The driver and his passenger told police that they were given $1,000 in exchange for transporting the "unknown packages" to Phoenix.

Cops believe the unaccounted-for weed was picked up by resourceful drivers:

During the entire length of the pursuit, bales of marijuana were being thrown from the vehicle onto I-10. Four or five vehicles not involved with the transportation of the marijuana even stopped and grabbed bales, which neither deputies nor DPS were able to recover due to traffic conditions.

Unfortunately for the lucky bystanders, judging by the method of transport, it's a pretty good bet that their booty isn't particularly high-quality. But free weed is free weed, even if it's brick weed.

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