In Colorado, where weed is legal, class was temporarily disrupted for a group of lucky teens today after a student's gravity bong "released smoke in a classroom," the Denver Post reports. The haze placed Adams City High School on a modified lockdown that was quickly lifted. Friday rules!

The school released a statement on the grievous threat to its students safety:

"As a precautionary measure, our students were placed on a modified lockdown to limit movement throughout the school," the school said in a statement, adding that teenagers who had been near the device were examined by medical personnel.

"As always, students' safety is our number one priority," it said. "All students were fine and the school is resuming business as usual."

The school said it was working with the proper authorities to resolve the issue, and that it would provide more information when available. It did not give details on the student who brought the pipe to class, nor possible disciplinary measures.

A gravity bong, you'll surely recall, requires a sizable amount of water and a vessel in which to carry it—the kitchen sink is especially fun if your parents aren't home, but a bucket will do in a pinch. Even if we assume that our teen hero built himself a portable version, it's hard to imagine how it could have somehow accidentally released its payload, as the language in the Post's reporting implies. As far as smoking goes, hitting a gravity bong is a pretty elaborate process.

What probably happened: our teen hero, dizzy with anticipation for the weekend and the adrenaline that comes from living in a state where you'll be able to toke up without fear of punishment in a few years when you turn 21 as long as it isn't repealed before then, hit the bong in class.

Police are investigating.

[Photo via Flickr]