In Washington, anyone over the age of 21 can smoke weed to his or her heart's content without fear of arrest or persecution. Even your grandma. What a magical thing!

When the clip above starts, three extraordinarily charming women—all of whom have brought grandchildren into this blessed world, if the title is to be believed—outline the various reasons why they've never tried pot before. Then they hit a bong. Then they hit a vaporizer.

The results are joyous. It makes me want to go smoke weed with my grandma. They're so happy, full of laughter and genuine enthusiasm for the game of Cards Against Humanity they start playing. They talk about queefs.

As one grandma says when she's asked to describe how she feels: "I'm feeling like I really don't care...if I understand, even... (turns head to look at other grandma) hahaheheha...and so, hehehehehahaha!"

[h/t BroBible]