Dress Your Precious Baby as a Dank-Ass Pot Leaf This Halloween

Andy Cush · 10/29/14 11:35AM

Your baby is dank. I mean, that little thing is chill as hell. Lying in its crib, playing with some stupid mobile, like Check this thing out. The dumb mobile is not that cool, baby, but you are. You're the dankest lil bb on the block. I know this. Your parents know it. But how do we prove it to the neighbors?

Why Is a Conservative Group Running These Ridiculous Pro-Weed Hulu Ads?

Andy Cush · 10/23/14 03:30PM

If you live in North Carolina and you watch a lot of online TV, you might have seen the ads. "More weed, less war," exclaims a twentysomething dudebro in one of them, waving a pot leaf-emblazoned poster. "Vote Sean Haugh...Ohhhh Yeah." But Haugh, a Libertarian Senate candidate, has nothing to do with them.

Have You Ever Been Too High to Lie?

Andy Cush · 10/06/14 05:16PM

Robel Phillipos is accused of entering Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnev's dorm room and removing a backpack full of fireworks after Tsarnev was announced as a suspect, then lying about it to the FBI. His defense: he was too high to lie.

Andy Cush · 10/02/14 10:36AM

A tipster writes:

"Fuck It, I Quit": Cannabis Club-Owning Reporter Quits On Air

Andy Cush · 09/22/14 08:40AM

If you're going to leave your TV gig for a life toiling at marijuana legalization, do it with some panache. At the end of a segment on a cannabis club last night, Alaskan news reporter Charlo Greene revealed herself as the club's owner and availed herself of any journalistic conflict of interest with four words: "Fuck it, I quit."