More New Episodes of High Maintenance, the Best Show About Weed and NYC

Andy Cush · 02/05/15 04:13PM

High Maintenance isn't just the best televised portrait of Brooklyn's ever-expanding gentrified northwest corner; it's among the smartest stories ever told about weed and the weirdos who smoke it in any genre or medium. Today, the self-produced web series returns with three new episodes available on Vimeo. Read a primer on the charms of High Maintenance and a watch few of its finest moments below.

Scientology Warns Kids Against "Moon Gas" and Other Street Drugs

Andy Cush · 01/28/15 04:09PM

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a program founded in 2006 by the Church of Scientology, gave lectures on drug abuse to students at 30 New York City public schools last year, DNAinfo reports today. That news alone should be alarming enough to anyone who's familiar with the church—but wait until you hear the batshit, made-up "street names" for drugs that the Scientologists are teaching your children.

Fake Furniture Store Hid $2 Million Worth of Weed in Back Room, Cops Say

Andy Cush · 01/27/15 06:12PM

Imagine that the main drag in your town had a furniture store that was full of love seats, side tables, and faux floral displays, but never, ever opened its doors. How many failed shopping trips would it take before you realized something was up, and how much weed would you guess it was hiding in back?

Survey: Does Your Company Drug Test Employees?

J.K. Trotter · 01/21/15 12:55PM

Last year, Gawker identified 17 big media companies that still drug-test their employees. Today we’re broadening our curiosity about corporate testing policies to other industries, too. So: Does your current employer or company drug-test employees? Is your employer larger than 50 people?* If so, please fill out the short and anonymous survey below.

Arkansas Governor and World's Coolest Dad Will Pardon Son's Drug Charges

Andy Cush · 11/13/14 10:01AM

Mike Beebe, the Democratic governor of Arkansas, announced this week he will grant 25 executive pardons for drug offenders in the state, including—how sweet is this—Kyle Beebe, his 34-year-old son, who was hit with felony weed charges in 2003. Awwwww, thanks dad!

Scientists Discover Pot Makes You Paranoid

Andy Cush · 07/16/14 01:29PM

In a groundbreaking study, Oxford University researchers found that pot can on occasion make you paranoid, in affirmation of the experiences of everyone who has ever smoked, talked to someone who smokes, or watched a movie about smoking.

8 Big Media Companies That Still Drug-Test Their Employees

J.K. Trotter · 07/02/14 01:04PM

Employer-mandated drug tests aren’t very fun: You have to fill and handle a cup of your own body-warm urine so it can be tested for illicit substances—sometimes while being watched by a lab employee. While a healthy chunk of American employers still require prospective employees to piss in a plastic jar, the practice has largely fallen out of favor at mainstream media companies. Largely—but not entirely.