"Fuck It, I Quit": Cannabis Club-Owning Reporter Quits On Air

Andy Cush · 09/22/14 08:40AM

If you're going to leave your TV gig for a life toiling at marijuana legalization, do it with some panache. At the end of a segment on a cannabis club last night, Alaskan news reporter Charlo Greene revealed herself as the club's owner and availed herself of any journalistic conflict of interest with four words: "Fuck it, I quit."

Oregon Voters Will Decide on Pot Legalization This November

Andy Cush · 07/23/14 10:07AM

A ballot initiative that would make recreational cannabis use lawful in Oregon has earned enough signatures to secure a place on the state's November ballot, meaning voters will soon decide whether to make Oregon the country's third state with legalized weed.