Yesterday, a no-good student of Broadneck High School in Arnold, Maryland, pulled an absolutely-not-funny-under-any-circumstances prank on one of his teachers.

The teen, who goes unnamed in the Capital Gazette's report of the incident, allegedly brought a pot-laced brownie to school, and after sharing a piece with his girlfriend, offered a bite to a teacher. A terrible, malicious idea that would almost certainly not lead to zany hijinks of any sort. The Capital reports:

The police's school resource officer at the school, at 1265 Green Holly Drive, was alerted to the incident at 1 p.m. after the 45-year-old teacher started to feel ill and became lethargic.

Another staff member noticed that the teacher was acting differently and accompanied her to the school nurse, said Lt. T.J. Smith, a county police spokesman.


The teacher was taken to a local hospital. The student and the girlfriend were checked out by a school nurse and were determined to be safe.

The teen was charged with distribution of marijuana, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. Shame, shame, shame.

[h/t, BroBible, image via dichohecho/Flickr]