On forums like Erowid, people have been writing about quitting smoking after tripping on mushrooms for years. A new study from Johns Hopkins University shows science may back up those claims.

The study, The Globe and Mail reports, asked volunteers who were interested in quitting smoking to take pills containing psilocybin alongside a battery of counseling and journaling. Twelve of the fifteen participants were cigarette free six months later.

According to the researchers, the patients with the trippiest trips responded best:

The therapy occurred over two or three sessions. Volunteers came to a laboratory set up like a living room, took a 20 milligram pill of psilocybin, covered their eyes and relaxed with music for several hours as the psychedelic effect took hold. Those who had a transcendent experience, where people say they went into a mystical state that helped them feel unity with themselves and the universe, tended to have more success, the researchers said.

The study's 80 percent success rate far outpaces Chantix, the leading nicotine-addiction drug, which leads to quitting in about 35 percent of patients. The small sample size, however, and the fact that volunteers participated in behavioral therapy alongside the mushrooms, make it difficult to draw any concrete conclusions. According to The Globe and Mail, the researchers are planning future studies that will include a control group that doesn't take shrooms.

[Image via AP]